Why Buy a Home in Winter?

Even though it’s cold outside, no one has curb appeal, and the thought of trudging through snow for open houses sends a shiver down your back, now might just be an advantageous time to buy a home.

Sellers Are Motivated so You’ll Likely Find Better Deals

Residential real estate moves slow down in the winter. So those that are going through the process reap the benefits. Knowing that is the off-season for home buying, sellers really have a reason they need to sell. For you as a buyer, this means lower prices, and having the upper hand in negotiations. Your loan process and closing could happen faster too, and you’ll likely be able to get movers quickly.

There is Less Competition for the Home You Want

Since fewer people are buying a home in winter when it’s cold and no one’s house has much curb appeal, there will be fewer people to compete with you when you put an offer on your dream home. 

With Fewer People Buying You’ll Get More Time With Your Agent

In the spring, when everyone’s selling and everyone’s buying, it might be harder to schedule time with your agent, or see multiple open houses with them. But in the winter, you’ll get a lot more face time and quicker assistance because again, there is less competition on the market. Getting valuable information and service faster in winter makes home buying this time of year a win!