Nothing Says Independence Like Buying a Home

Whether you’ve just purchased a home, or have been living in your home for years, there is always reason to celebrate homeownership. You have achieved a level of independence that offers you many benefits. Celebrate your home this week: here is what you get when you buy a home:

  • Stability! Rent can continue to increase and become unpredictable sometimes. Plus, you may need to keep moving as prices increase or your space needs change. Buying a home with a fixed-rate mortgage gives you the assurance that you will know your monthly housing cost for a very long time.
  • Tax Write-offs! Taxpayers who own a home enjoy the benefit of deducting their mortgage interest and property taxes courtesy of the US Tax Code. Check with your accountant to make sure that you’re enjoying this homeowner’s perk if your situation allows.
  • Saving Money! Save money by building equity in your home with your mortgage payments, and use this equity later to help you put a kid through college, or finance another large expense. Your house becomes your long-term savings account — combining your contributions with the rising value of your home over the years.
  • Personalizing! Now you CAN paint those walls any color you want. And you can have a red refrigerator or put a hot tub in your backyard. Hang pictures wherever you want and no one will complain about holes in the walls. Make your house your home, any way you’d like.