Making Your Home Safe for Pets

There are things you can do to make your house pet-friendly and safe, creating a happy home for everyone, with special spaces just for your pet. 

Get a good pets-eye-view of your house: look around your house from their level. Look for the challenges and hurdles that might affect your pet, and adjust. 

  • Choose tile floors instead of carpet or wood for easy clean-up
  • Choose fabric that are germ and stain resistant for furniture
  • Keep window covering cords short so they don’t get tangled
  • Cover windows with screens – cats can fall out of high, open windows
  • Make sure pets can’t access high places and fall
  • Cover trash or keep it in a closet
  • Don’t keep food on the counter where they can reach it
  • Remove toxic indoor house plants and outdoor plants as well
  • Keep pet food in a covered container in a temperature-stable place
  • Keep a storage bin near the door to organize pet accessories
  • Groom pets regularly to minimize shedding and scratch damage
  • Choose bedding, rugs, furniture in your pet’s hair color to disguise shedding

Think about safety. Make it easy-to-clean. And most of all, make your home fun and comfortable for them to live in. Your pets can feel as much at home as you do when you take a few extra steps to make their environment safe! And by optimizing your home for your pet, you’ll also be making it easier on yourself.