How to Decorate For The Holidays While Selling Your Home

How to decorate for the holidays while selling your home can be a challenge. You might have resigned yourself to décor-free celebrations, but you can have your fruit cake and eat it too when it comes to staging for sellers while keeping things festive — just follow this advice to make your home as enticing as possible.

Clean and stage before you start decorating.

There’s no way around it: you’re going to have to de-clutter your space. Pack up your tchotchkes and family photos before you start adding holiday décor to avoid adding even more chaos to your space. Think of this as a time to decorate your house like those spaces you see in magazines!

Think cozy when choosing décor.

Subtle touches can create a warm and festive feeling that will make your home all the more appealing. You now have the opportunity to add hints of coziness to your home. Consider simmering some cinnamon sticks on the stove or some garland on your fireplace mantle.

Accentuate the positive.

Use holiday décor to draw potential buyers’ eyes to the beautiful features of your home — use garland to highlight the banister on the stairs, or decorate the ledge of that gorgeous bay window in the kitchen.

Keep lights simple.

Forgo the colorful lights and blow-up characters on your lawn and opt for simple string lights instead. You can even use them to highlight the positive features of your landscape, like that stunning oak tree or your well-maintained flower beds.