Are You Ready for Spring Reorganizing?

Are you ready for spring reorganizing this year? Of course, we’re all in the middle of spring cleaning. But after you’ve polished and scrubbed and made your home lemony-fresh, how about a little design change or two! Try one of these easy reorganization, refresh, or redesign tips that don’t cost a lot or require any big renovations. You can make your space feel new with just a few moves:

  • You can paint just one wall in a pop of color to give a room a new look
  • Refresh your accent items in a color that pulls the room together, think new pillows, a soft throw, vase or lamp — to brighten a room
  • Try some new curtains, blinds, or other window coverings in your living area
  • Arrange your bookshelves by color and they’ll feel less cluttered
  • Move your wall art around, and find a new way to display bookshelf or mantle items
  • Try moving your furniture around, switch out accessories, exchange lamps from one room to another — it’s like a whole new room
  • Keep clutter to a minimum in a high-traffic area like the kitchen counter or the entryway by creating a place for everything and sticking to it: hooks for jackets, cubbies for shoes, bowl for keys, etc.
  • Add some plants, a decorative tree, or cut flowers to your room to freshen it up
  • Don’t forget to reorganize your closet and just keep the things you love, that fit you well, and are in season