5 Quick Tips to Warm Up Your Home

If you’re looking for easy ways to keep your house a little warmer this winter, here are a few simple tips to try to help keep you toasty!

  1. Maximize Sunlight: You can let the sunshine in to warm rooms during the day by opening blinds and curtains. But, to keep the heat in, add a layer of clear plastic over windows. Close all the blinds and curtain then in the evening to hold the heat.
  2. Instant Humidity Keeps Rooms Warm: Keep your bathroom door open as you shower. The warm steam will help heat the rooms that are close by. In the kitchen, keep boiling water on the stove to add humidity to the kitchen area to make it feel warmer.
  3. Heat You Already Have: Did you just run a load through the dryer? Wash dishes in the dishwasher? Bake a casserole in the oven? All of these are sources of heat, so once you complete your task, leave the door open so the residual heal and moisture can escape into the room to help keep it warm!
  4. Bare Surfaces are Colder: You can add rugs or blankets to hardwood or tile floors for warmth. Hang blankets or tapestries on walls. And remember cozy throws on any leather furniture to warm up those surfaces as well!
  5. Maximize Your Furnace’s Output: In rooms that you’re not using, close vents and doors. No need to heat what you’re not using.